Walmart’s Retail Link® System is the answer to omnichannel.  It is an all-encompassing tool that provides sellers with all the data to be successful. However, with all of that information comes a responsibility. Since Walmart’s Retail Link® System is so comprehensive, Walmart holds its suppliers accountable for managing their inventory. A well-maintained inventory is one of… Read More


FrthWhat is the Supplier Performance Scorecard from Walmart? Walmart tells its suppliers what they expect. Therefore, Walmart provides many tools and resources to help suppliers thrive. One such tool is the Supplier Performance Scorecard from Walmart. The scorecard gives data a Walmart supplier can use to reference sales during a given period of time. Additionally,… Read More

Walmart’s Supplier Management Creates Map of Accountability Large and small retailers alike have a responsibility to sell goods that were safely manufactured.  As a leader in the industry Walmart has guidelines in place for its suppliers.  Walmart’s supplier management system sets the benchmarks and criteria for brands that sell through the retailer.  Suppliers are required… Read More