Over the past few years, the retail industry has created a multichannel approach to sales. Omni Channel Retail will provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping in stores or online. Retailers are seeking their suppliers’ partnership in achieving OmniChannel. Manufacturers are adjusting sourcing and inventory management. Brand owners are building up their Online and In Stores supply chain and revamping omni channel retail marketing strategies. Also, wholesalers are figuring out the logistics and cost effects of a multichannel system. Are you ready? What does Omni Channel mean?

At Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG), we provide complete OmniChannel solutions from building your strategy to action plans and multichannel management. Achieving success both In Stores and Online requires planning. First, we look at inventory storage. Then, our goal is to perfect inventory management. Lastly, OmniChannel logistics are planned.

OmniChannel Strategy

OmniChannel should be a goal of every wholesale company, big or small. Our team at Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) can help power the e-commerce channel of your brand. We know how important it is for your e-commerce channel to start on the right foot whether you’re a new brand or an established business. Our full-service fulfillment experts will work together with Big Box retailers to provide your brand with accurate logistics and sophisticated warehouse and order management. In addition, we will make sure that your brand meets the demands of today’s market with our multi-channel support.

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is your flexible full service fulfillment boutique where we handle low to high volume brands. We provide  sophisticated and unique services to meet your company’s needs.

Latest News on OmniChannel

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