Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is not as easy as just writing a few sentences about a brand and its products. It has many moving parts in order to be a successful marketing effort. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKGknows that content marketing covers everything from researching and collecting data to the final copy. This can take a fair amount of time weekly and monthly to produce results and we will put in that time.

It is a unique type of marketing as it describes a brand or service as they are.  Content marketing does not try to create a flashy campaign intended to distract the consumer. Instead, it informs consumers with written content and product visuals.  This allows for transparency between a brand and its buyers.  It also lets content translate from a brand’s website to its social media platforms.  Content can also be used for e-mail efforts while remaining unified in message and theme.


Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKGis a successful content marketing strategist. We know how to target a market and find which platforms work best to distribute their content to potential consumers. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) also knows how to write in emotionally engaging ways that converts reader to buyers.

We know that content needs to be fresh and exciting! This is important not just because there are new stories to tell and products to describe, but, because it helps increase organic SEO. Constantly updating content also helps with social media efforts.  With platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram going to an “algorithm search” it is important to stay active with daily content.

Brands often forget the power of LinkedIn when it comes to content marketing. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is here to make sure all social platforms are covered. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) knows how to translate a content piece from website to LinkedIn status update or long form post with ease.

Content Marketing for Product Description

Another facet of content marketing that Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKGhas a firm grasp on is product description optimization.  We are able to write keyword dense descriptions and titles perfect for having your brand’s product found. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) can also provide varied descriptions of the same product so that you are not posting duplicate content. Duplicate content can damage your organic SEO on the different retail sites your brand sells.

Most importantly, though, creating content on a consistent basis is for the consumer. It shows them a brand wants to interact with them and create a relationship which in turn can make a consumer a lifelong customer.

Latest News on Content Marketing

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