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A good product description is essential to product visibility. Customers need a reason to select your product from the millions of offers on the web. Are you concerned your Product Description is not doing the job? Are you in need of multiple Product Descriptions and Product Description optimization and maintenance? Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) has solutions for your company’s Product Description and Content Marketing needs.

Customers look to descriptions for information about products. But, the best content does more than that. It convinces the buyer that they need the product. Content writing appeals to customers so they will buy and return to the home site. In short, bad descriptions are harmful to your business no matter which e-commerce platform you use.

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) knows the science behind Product Description

At Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG), we are committed to providing you with the best content possible. First, our writers craft informative descriptions. They grab your customer’s attention and get them excited to shop. Second, our writing adheres to strict Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines. This means that we make content designed to attract the attention of search engines.

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) has provided content for leading sites such as Shopify, Amazon, and Walmart and more. We create the content you need to start selling.

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