Walmart Suppliers

We at Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) have long time partnerships with Walmart Suppliers. Specifically, Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) specializes in building and maintaining excellent relationships. As a result, our clients gain from our relationships within the supplier and the retail community. Moreover, Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) works hard to satisfy Walmart’s’ high demands of their suppliers for its customers.

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is ready to consult with you and address your specific needs. We work closely with established Walmart Suppliers. Also, we work with those brands just beginning a new partnership with Walmart. Finally, we can advise you even if you have just begun to consider selling to Walmart and are not sure of what the next step should be.

In short, our top-notch Data Mining Analysts, Sales Experts, Content Marketing Gurus and our positive support team are experts in Walmart lingo. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) will manage all aspects of your Walmart account. Our teams work daily on an endless list of Walmart related services. Some are:

Our team handles highly sophisticated Walmart tasks with ease. Furthermore, we can easily handle all time-consuming tasks.

Retail Link®

Retail Link® data is available for all Walmart Suppliers. It provides rows and rows of great data! Our team will help you make sense of the sea of numbers and figures. First, Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) develops results proven models. Then, our analysts and data scientists use those models to enhance Data Mining. The models are based on years of combined knowledge and experience. Lastly, our team has integrates knowledge from multiple industries and all of Walmart’s departments.

Latest News on Walmart and the Suppliers’ community

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