Walmart Retail Link®

Retail Link ® data is available for all Walmart Suppliers. It provides countless figures of great sales and inventory data! Our well rounded and experienced team will help you make sense of the sea of numbers and figures. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) has developed results proven models. We are using those models to enhance the Retail Link® Data Mining. Furthermore, Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) built the models based on years of combined knowledge and experience. Moreover, the combined knowledge covers multiple industries and all of Walmart’s departments.

Retail Link ® Data Mining

As a Walmart Supplier, your daily routine should always start with analyzing your Walmart sales and inventory figures. When it comes to making sense of the sales and inventory data, Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKGprides itself with a team of experienced and highly skilled Data Scientists. Our Data Scientists are knowledgeable in Walmart and Retail Link ® Lingo as well as Wholesale and Retail math.

Your team can depend on us on everything from daily data mining to well communicated action points for your buying teams. When it comes to  communicating with Walmart’s team, we got your back.

Latest News on Walmart Retail Link ®

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