Sales and Inventory Analytics for wholesalers

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG can help you lower inventory costs and avoid excess inventory. Furthermore, at Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG), we use beginning and end of season proven strategies and models to improve your in stock positions. In addition, we track sales and inventory of our customers daily to allow sales inventory stats to be complete.

Sales Inventory Analysis

You can reduce expenses and shrink operating costs as well as improve the bottom line. Proper and accurate inventory will do the trick. Therefore, we at Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) provide highly experienced and skilled assistance in growing a perfect return on investment (ROI).

We do this through our inventory management models. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) will partner with your business to establish solutions that will meet your brand’s needs. Further, Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) will customize inventory management models that best suit your industry and business.

Our clientele ranges from established brands to start up brands seeking inventory management skills that are broad and improve the supply of your most vital assets.

Sales Inventory Analysis for Walmart Suppliers

Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) is a leading expert in getting their clients to meet in stock goals of their Walmart account. As Walmart Suppliers, you are required to adhere to strict in stock goals to stay on track with your Walmart buyer’s expectations.  Whether you are on a weekly replenishment program or ship seasonal, it is vital for your brand to reduce lost sales. Eighteen Knowledge Group (EKG) creates models for daily use to manage our customers’ inventory positions.

Latest News on Sales Inventory Management

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